WarOnCovid: Face Shields for effective social distancing


  • Wear Mask or Shield & Gloves, carry a sanitizer while going out

        Use Stairway instead of lift

  • Social Distancing – Stay 1 meter apart
  • Wait in the queue for your turn
  • While returning back do not touch the door or handle
  • Disinfect all items carried back
  • Take a shower immediately

The StartUp Ecosystem in India has evolved and took this pandemic as an opportunity to pivot for catering the need of the hour. Many founders have started focussing on designing, developing and manufacturing items that would protect from infections.

In this list of reinventing StartUps, Matrices Group from Chennai has reinvented its core functionalities. They have started manufacturing ‘Essentials to fight COVID-19 like Face Shields and in future plan to supply Face Masks, Personal Protection materials like suits, gloves and IR Thermometers.


Face Shields are supposed to cover the entire face and being transparent could help us express as usual. Face Shields are reusable, if carefully maintained by washing with soap and water after your daily day out.

Face Shields are effective if they have no gaps and cover below the chin and the ears for better protection. With the Face Shields on, touching the face with hand can be mostly avoided.

Face Shields become an important equipment in the combat against this pandemic believe experts. Globally experts feel Face Shields are more efficient than the masks as they cover the entire face.

A leading magazine quotes, “Another argument in the favour of Face Shields can be a recent study conducted to test the ‘Efficacy of Face Shields Against Cough Aerosol Droplets From a Cough Simulator’.

In the study, it was found that face shield reduced the inhalational exposure of the worker by 96 per cent within 18 inches of a cough. They can also prove to be far more comfortable and convenient to be worn by people when compared to face masks which may be restrictive and uncomfortable when used for very long hours.”

About the Group: ‘Matrices Group is the platform of opportunities for connecting worldwide latest technology and trend products. Matrices Group is focused on expanding its network to reach out the benefits globally at affordable Prices and service. Matrices Group is a focused professional from different field of expertise and countries joining together for global technology exchange.’