ASR Mines And Minerals


WELCOME TO ASR Mines And Minerals

Suppliers of graded silica for glass, filtratation, industrial and foundry use

ASR mine is situated in different parts of India. In operation ASRĀ  is among the largest producer of high-quality silica, used primarily in the production of glass and graded sand. The operation comprises an open pit, crushing, wet and dry screening.

The impressive opencast mine supplies high grade silica sand and grit to the glass, industrial, mining, filtration and leisure industries. Extensively used in water purification, filtration, separation and the glass industry, our product is dried and sized to meet the specific needs of our valued customers.

ASR’s ISO 9001 accreditation ensures not only the highest quality product, but further guarantees strict standards in regards to plant maintenance and service quality.

Since purchasing the mine in 2006, ASR now boasts production plant with impressive speed of production, and versatility in making any product or new product developments. Our product is always carefully recovered with the awareness that what we do, and how we do it, affects our surroundings. At ASR we know the earth holds us accountable for our actions, and we are committed and invested to responsible in mining practices that minimise our impact on the environment, as well as safety and health of the community and employees.

Energised by this new alliance, the company proudly looks to a brighter future. With a life of mine exceeding thirty years, Silica Quartz is positioned to provide a reliable and sustainable supply of high quality silica sand, grit and stone for many years to come.

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